Texture: 7oz. clear slime with pigment

Scent: salted caramel frappe


This thick clear slime is absolutely stunning and smells so good. It's metallic pigment is beautiful in any light.


p.s. this slime has mild glitter fallout, it will leave tiny little pigments on your hands when playing. however, it washes off super easy with soap and water :)


  • Slime is not edible and should never be consumed. Children should be monitored when playing with slime. Slime could mix during transit. Ingredients may include Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA), Borax, Colorant, Alumina Silicate (Clay), Fragrence Oil, Mineral Oil, Non-Toxic Craft Materials, Non-Toxic Absorbant Polymers 

    Slime comes in 8oz. container to account room for expansion. This is why the jar does not arrive completely full. A percentage of profits from this item will be donated to The Youth Mental Health Project. https://ymhproject.org