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what i use to do my nails at home

Hi friends!! I am so glad you are here & interested in doing your own nails at home. I used to go to the salon all the time & it adds up so quickly $$ - I also felt like my nails never ended up looking like the inspo pictures that I brought in which can be so upsetting when you pay $80+ for a set! I was totally inspired by an influencer on TikTok to start doing my own nails - her handle is @michellekhxn if you want to check out her videos - she is so talented!

When I was trying to figure out what I actually needed and whether or not they were good quality it was overwhelming - especially since I have no experience in doing my own nails! I created this list of all of the items I use to make it super easy for you to find these products & break down what some of the products are used for!! Happy shopping!!

**These are affiliate links and if you purchase anything using these links (even if it is not the specific product listed) I will make a small commission off of the purchase! This will not make the product more expensive or cost you any extra money - it just helps me out a little bit!! It's a great way to support my small business and I am SO appreciative of you using these links - it truly means so much!!**

Nail Prep & Care

Nail Primer & Dehydrator set. Only $9 for both and so far they have worked so well for me. Don't skip on the "boring" products like these because nail prep is so important for making your nail extensions last a long time!!

Super affordable nail file and buffer set - this is just the one that I use - I love that it comes with files and buffers but you can really use any file/buffer

I highly reccommend getting a cuticle oil to help hydrate and care for your cuticles. Well-kept cuticles is another way to help get a cleaner and more professional look!

this is the one I use!

This is the cuticle trimmer that I use. So far I have really liked it! It is sharp and cuts cleanly without pulling on the skin and is really easy to use.

Nail Extensions & Glue

My favorite nail shape on myself is almond so those are the ones that I use!! I linked another option incase almond isn't your vibe. In my experience, these extensions are really easy to file down if you want to change the shape/length of them!

almond shape

coffin shape

Nail Glue for attaching the nail extensions to your nails. You do not need this if you are just planning on doing press on sets!

regular nail glue for press on sets NOT UV - I have never used this but I know a lot of nail influencers use this one in particular!

Gel Polish

These are THE perfect colors for a nude set - I use shade 022 and 036 layered for the nude base when I do french tip/designs on top - i HIGHLY reccommend getting this set

I love the Beetles brand of gel polish - they are so pigmented & I haven't experienced any issues with chipping or not curing under the UV lamp!! I adore everything neutral so I have the big nude set but I listed a few cute colorful sets below as well!! One thing I love about the big sets is that they also come with a base & top coat! If you do not get a big set - you will need to buy these products separately - I linked them as well!

nude set (the one I have)

smaller nude set

large set that includes tips, flash cure lamp, nail glue & gel polish (such a good deal & cute pastel colors)

small colorful set

top/base coat set

UV Lamps

These are the two lamps you need! If you are planning on attaching the nail extensions to your nails you need BOTH lamps. If you are only planning on only doing press on sets and gluing them on, you only need the large lamp for curing the gel polish. The small lamp is for flash curing only when you are attaching the nail extensions to your natural nails - I hope that makes sense!

large lamp you need for any gel polish

flash cure lamp you need for attaching nail extension to nail

Nail Art

These are the brushes that I use for doing nail art - it is a set of 3 and they are fabulous - it makes doing nail art SO easy

This set contains ail art brushes & clean up brushes. I purchased this mainly for the clean up brushes (cleaning up around the nail to make sure nothing is on the skin before you cure the polish is key into a clean look) and the dotting tools because I didn't have those yet! This set is perfect for that. In terms of the nail art brushes that come in this set - I do like the other 3 pack of nail art brushes I linked above, better - I find that they are more flexible and easier to work with - for me I think having both sets of brushes is necassary but if you aren't into nail art, I would defintley just go with this set!

Removal Tools

I use these nail soaking bowls for removing my sets - I love that it comes with cuticle tools & a nail brush as well for cleaning under your nails but I will also link one that comes with only the bowls - it can save you some money if you don't need/want the extra tools!

with tools & brush

bowls only

If you attach the extensions to your natural nail, you have to use 100% acetone to remove them! I use the Ulta brand just because that is what I have right now but you can seriously use any kind as long as its 100% acetone!

p.s. i would reccommend buying this at a drug store or grocery store - it is more affordable than it is on Amazon but I linked one just in case! :)


I hope that this is so helpful to you guys & and I thank you SO much for taking the time to look at this and hopefully get some cute stuff to do your own nails at home!!

xoxo mikayla <3

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