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the golden launch

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

This launch is the true launching of Golden Lights Co. Every product in this launch has the golden theme. My inspiration for Golden Lights Co. is golden hour and I wanted to reflect that in every product for this first launch. The long sleeve tee is called "You are Worthy" and that is the slogan for the company. It is such a powerful phrase that I want to constantly remind people of. You are worthy of everything amazing that this world has to offer: kindess, love, success, happiness, etc. The wheat plant sets the scene of being in a large, open golden field, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the warmth of the sun. The crewneck is called "oh honey, you're so golden" and the graphic is a setting sun. This launch for me and starting this business is such a huge deal for me. For so long I have doubted myself and have been so afraid to pursue what I am passionate about. This launch and this crewneck represents letting myself shine. I want to encourage everyone to let themselves shine and remember, that honey, you are so golden.

All 5 slimes this launch have a golden or yellow theme. Each one was hand-crafted by me with intentional add-ins, scents, and colors. You can learn more about each one on the product page! I hope you all love this launch as much as I do and I am so excited to share it with you!! Thank you so much for being here!

For this first launch Golden Lights Co. will be donating to The Youth Mental Health Project. This is a non-profit organization that values the mental health of children and young adults. They provide resources and assist families & communities in the journey to provide their children with mental health care. You can read more about their mission and what they have to offer on their website. If you are not interested in the products I have in my shop (or even if you are) I also encourage you to donate to them directly on their website!

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